National Cup Cake Week


Do you have what it takes to become a champion? If so, why not prove it?

This year's National Cupcake Championships are set to be the biggest and best yet. We're sticking to last year's categories and, for the first time, allowing children to enter alongside adult amateurs and the professionals.

You can choose from: Classic Cupcake; Made with Alcohol; Free-from; and Themed Cupcake of the Year - or enter all four if you have time! Here are the category guidlines:

Classic - Your cupcake must be a traditional flavour, such as vanilla or red velvet. Decorate it however you like, but don't let it fall into the other categories.

Themed - Follow any theme you wish from Disney to a beach holiday, birthdays to Halloween.

Free-from - These cupcakes must be free from any one or more allergens, such as gluten, dairy or nuts.

Made with alcohol  - Self-explanatory and one of the most exciting categories - include alcohol! Lots of wriggle room with this one.

Last year saw some fantastic and innovative entries with a seven-ways chocolate box scooping top spot in the home-baking category, and a lemon and lime meringue masterpiece trouncing competition in the professionals' category. So think outside the realms of the norm and see how creative you can be to turn the judges' heads.

We require a recipe, good-quality images and - for professional bakers only - a 200-word description of your business and how the entered cupcake could benefit, or is already benefiting your company, and how it would be marketed.

Get your thinking caps on - we can't wait to see what you come up with.

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>> What's the winning cupcake formula? Get some tips from our 2013 champion

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