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Entries are now closed for the 2013 National Cupcake Championships

Cupcake trophy for 2012

This year we have got not one, but two competitions - one for the professionals and one for the home bakers. The categories are the same for both competitions, with four to choose from. A winner will be announced for each category, and will then go forward to contend for the title of National Cupcake Champion.

Fifteen finalists will be shortlisted in each category. Our shortlisted finalists will be revealed in September, with the finals taking place in association with Cake International, on 9 November its Birmingham show. A panel of top judges will put the cupcakes through their paces, with the individual category winners, and both professional and home-baking National Cupcake Champions announced the same day.

All shortlisted finalists will received one free pass to Cake International on 9 November, where the competition is being held.

Categories and descriptions:


A new category in 2012, it was so popular that we felt we must include it in this year's line-up. The recipe itself must be a classic flavour cupcake, such as vanilla, red velvet, chocolate or carrot cake. It can be decorated in any way, but it cannot fit into any of the other categories - for example it cannot be a free-from cupcake, Christmas cupcake or a cupcake containing alcohol.


Any theme will be considered, from seasonal cupcakes for Halloween, Valentine's Day or Christmas, to a birthday cupcake, wedding cupcake or fairytale-themed cupcake, for example. Presentation is key.


Whether it is wheat-, gluten-, dairy-, or nut-free, if it is free-from ingredient to suit a special dietary requirement, then it is suitable for this category.

Made with Alcohol

Think cupcake cocktails. This category tests the skill of combining alcohol with cake to deliver a winning flavour.

Recipes should be for 10-12 standard-size cupcakes.

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