National Cup Cake Week


Barry Callebaut is latest National Cupcake Week sponsor

National Cupcake Week (15 to 21 September) is delighted to reveal high quality chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut as an official sponsor.

The event, organised by British Baker magazine and run alongside the National Cupcake Championships, celebrates cupcakes and invites professionals and home bakers alike to show their appreciation.

The deadline for entries across all categories is 15 August - check this website for details.

National Cupcake Week is also sponsored by equipment supplier CaterForYou, partnered by Wellbeing of Women, the charity to improve the health of women and babies, and run in association with Cake International. Barry Callebaut's brands include laMorella Nuts and fillings and compounds business ASM

barry callebaut

Have your cake and eat it with the wrapper too!

Do you ever get that feeling when you finish a lovely bit of food and want that little bit more? Now you can by eating the wrapping! Dr Oetker has come up with edible cupcake wrappers so not only do you get an extra couple of bites - there is no rubbish to clear up after indulging your sweet tooth. Genius!

The edible wafer cupcake cases are baked as normal. They taste sweet and are 100% bake-stable and free-standing - what are you waiting for? Give them a try in your experimentation for entering the National Cupcake Championships. The entry deadline is 15 August - see this site for entry details.

Incredible cupcake designs to inspire YOUR entries!

These stunning cupcake designs from Simple Cake Craft should get your creatuive juices flowing for entry to British Baker's National Cupcake Championships.

Below see colourful rainbow cupcakes and and popcorn cupcakes all fitted into a traditional popcorn box. 

Other designs include cacti, a perfect peacock and a replica hot chocolate.

The deadline for entries is 15 August across four categories:  Classic; Themed; Made With Alcohol; and Free-from. Check this site for details on how to enter.

Clarifying themes in the National Cupcake Championship categories

National Cupcake Week is thrilled with the early interest in our National Cupcake Championships 2014.

There has been some confusion over where one theme ends and another begins so here we break it down for you:

Classic - Your cupcake must be a traditional flavour, such as vanilla or red velvet. Decorate it however you like, but don't let it fall into the other categories.

Themed - Follow any theme you wish from Disney to a beach holiday, birthdays to Halloween.

Free-from - These cupcakes must be free from any one or more allergens, such as gluten, dairy or nuts.

Made with alcohol  - Self-explanatory and one of the most exciting categories - include alcohol! Lots of wriggle room with this one. 

Remember - you can enter each category once if you have time. Children aged six to 12 can enter in their own cupcake-decorating categor. For more information, click the 'Championships' tab at the top of the page.

The deadline for entries is 15 August.

Championships Launched

It's finally here! We're delighted to launch this year's National Cupcake Championships!

This year's competition is set to be the biggest and the best yet, with the finals again taking place at Cake International, at the NEC in Birmingham, this autumn.

What's more, this year we're allowing children to enter for the first time, along with the professionals and amateur adults.
For the little ones (aged six to 12) the competition will be a bit easier, however. They need only decorate their cupcakes in whichever way they see fit - with the 12 most impressive entrants invited to enter a further live decoration contest on the day (don't worry, we'll supply the toppings and bases and give the kids a theme there and then).