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Entry deadline extended to Friday 29 August 2014

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Cupcakes at the touch of a button, oh my!

Having a cupcake at the touch of a button is a dream-turned-reality in America with the Sprinkles bakery ATMs. These pink vending machines have been adding a touch of elegance to an on-the-go snack since it launched in Beverly Hills in 2012.

With a variety of flavours to choose from including peanut butter chip to chocolate marshmallow, they are making mouths water at only $3.50 each.

The dream machine can also hand out cookies and has the ability to dispense 1,000 cupcakes a day - let's hope that's enough!

Popping up in five more locations across the USA including Las Vegas and Chicago, we hope it's not long till this crosses the waters for us Brits to enjoy.

Cupcake baking is a fast track to fame!

If you're looking for fame, you might have found a way!

Last year's National Cupcake Champion in the amateur category - now a fully fledged professional cake maker - was invited on to BBC Radio Cornwall to talk about her victory. Click here to read the interview highlights.

So take heed, aspiring bakers - it can be done! There are four categories to enter: Classic: Themed: Made with Alcohol; and Free-from with professional and home bakers eligible for entry in separate competitions.

All entry info is on this website follow us at @CupcakeWeek - you only have until Friday 15 August to get your entry in. Just look what you can do, below!


Blimey - a $900 cupcake! We'll have one of those.

Everybody loves a cupcake - they're cute, colourful, not to mention tasty, but one man likes them enough to spend $900 on a single cupcake!

The pricy order was placed by a husband for his wife at Le Dolci Cupcakes and Cakes pastry shop in Toronto's west end.

Owner Lisa Sanguedolce is used to unusual orders with past requests including cakes in the shape of baby grand pianos or someone's favourite Porsche.

This one was made with two tablespoons of a $1,000 bottle of Champagne provided by the customer as well as 21-year Courvosier.

Click here to see the rest of the incredible ingredients in this decadent little cupcake!

33 reasons to love cupcakes

We, at National Cupcake Week Towers, have been flabbergasted by the dearth of unflattering press around ‘the death of the cupcake' of late.

Please, we beg to differ.

Not ones to batter the competition, we will accept the rise of the doughnut, cronut and all other baked delights - but these are not to the detriment of the delectable mini-cake.

After these 33 reasons we defy the war on cupcakes to continue.   >> See the full article

Everybody has their Achille's heel

all day I dream about cupcakes

Barry Callebaut is latest National Cupcake Week sponsor

National Cupcake Week (15 to 21 September) is delighted to reveal high quality chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut as an official sponsor.

The event, organised by British Baker magazine and run alongside the National Cupcake Championships, celebrates cupcakes and invites professionals and home bakers alike to show their appreciation.

The deadline for entries across all categories is 15 August - check this website for details.

National Cupcake Week is also sponsored by equipment supplier CaterForYou, partnered by Wellbeing of Women, the charity to improve the health of women and babies, and run in association with Cake International. Barry Callebaut's brands include laMorella Nuts and fillings and compounds business ASM .

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